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Therefore, Jens Petter and Anne Mari rent out their motorhome via Campr!

Updated: Jun 18

It is not without reason that Campr is experiencing a huge demand for motorhomes and caravans for rent. Norway is a beautiful country that offers fantastic nature experiences. More and more people are seeing the advantages of renting a motorhome and vacationing in our nearest holiday destination. Jens Petter and Anne Mari are one of many couples who rent out their motorhome via Campr, something they have not regretted.

Jens Petter and Anne Mari live in Askim, love nature, and therefore bought their first motorhome from Ferda in 2011 to travel and experience our vast country.

Paret ønsker å leie ut bobilen sin hos Campr til neste år også

Travel enthusiasts: Jens Petter and Anne Mari enjoy exploring new places with their motorhome.

A little over a year ago, the camping-loving couple learned that Ferda had launched a new rental platform. After reading about the benefits of renting out their motorhome, they decided to try the service.

"We have bought four motorhomes from Ferda, so it felt very safe to rent out our motorhome through Campr, which is part of Ferda," says Jens Petter.

Secure Rental Platform

Campr has nearly a thousand vehicles in Norway, and the number of registered users is steadily increasing.

Jens Petter and Anne Mari get to meet new people from all over the country.

"We have truly experienced the joy of being able to share our fantastic Sunlight motorhome with others who want to try out life on wheels. It's incredibly nice to meet new faces and hear about their experiences after their trips," the couple says enthusiastically.

Jens Petter og Anne Mari er fornøyde utleiere hos Campr

Renting Out via Campr: Jens Petter and Anne Mari rent out their beautiful Sunlight motorhome.

Renting to complete strangers is not a problem with Campr. When the couple receives a request via the platform, they know that the renter has already been verified with BankID or a driver’s license.

"We are very satisfied with Campr and all the solutions the platform offers. It's reassuring to know that all users are identified before they can send a request and that payments are made through a secure payment system. Additionally, it's a great advantage that Campr has customer service available for any questions or help needed," they explain.

Utleieforsikring er inkludert i alle utleieforhold hos Campr

Insurance: Rental insurance is included in all rental agreements.

Insurance Included

Most rental agreements are completed without any issues, but accidents can happen. In collaboration with Gjensidige Forsikring, Campr has developed a rental insurance that is included in all rental agreements. The insurance covers most expenses that may arise in the event of damage. Additionally, the renter pays a deposit before the rental period.

"The secure framework we have experienced as renters has been beyond our expectations. In other words, we are extremely satisfied with the rental platform and the assistance we have received during unforeseen events," the couple explains.

Campr samarbeider med Ferda som har verksteder i hele landet

Unique Advantage: Campr collaborates with Ferda, which has workshops across the country.

Ferda got your back!

Campr is developed by Ferda, one of Norway's leading motorhome and caravan chains. With Ferda at their back, Campr offers knowledge and support that few other companies can match.

This is something the couple from Askim experienced this summer.

"We have had some incidents that could have caused major concerns if not for the good collaboration between Ferda and Campr. During some of the rental periods, we experienced issues with the battery, water pump, and leaks. Thanks to Ferda, our renters were able to visit several branches and receive excellent assistance."

Fornøyde leietakere hos Campr

Satisfied Tenants: This couple rented Jens Petter and Anne Mari's motorhome this summer. "Jens Petter is a fantastic host," they say.

"Our tenants' vacations could have been ruined if they hadn't gotten a workshop appointment so quickly with Ferda. A big thanks to Ferda Grimstad, Mysen, and Trondheim. A special thanks to one of Ferda Mysen's mechanics, Per, who solved the water leak problem and repaired the water pump," says Jens Petter, satisfied.

"We are ready for a new season with Campr!"

Jens Petter and Anne Mari try to travel as often as they can and love wild camping. Even though they are often on the move, the motorhome stands still during certain periods. It's great that others get the opportunity to use it during those times.

"The motorhome has been popular among families with children this summer. We rented it out to three families and will definitely rent it out again next season," they conclude.

Frederick er utleiekoordinator hos Campr og hjelper deg i gang med utleie

Getting Started: Frederick is a rental coordinator at Campr and is happy to help you get started with renting through Campr.

9 Tips for renting out your motorhome

When renting out your motorhome for the first time, it's important to spend some time creating a good listing. Campr's rental coordinator, Frederick, offers his best tips:

1. Take good overview photos: It's not necessary to photograph every detail. The most important thing is to show all the rooms in an attractive way. Remember to tidy up the motorhome and turn on the lights.

2. Good description: Write a text that creates interest and highlights all the advantages of the motorhome. Does it have solar panels, a bike rack, an awning, extra battery, etc.? It's also smart to write the description in both Norwegian and English.

3. Update the calendar: Remember to update the calendar function to show when the motorhome is available for booking.

4. Respond to inquiries: It's important to respond quickly to inquiries. Otherwise, they may find another host.

5. Tidy up the motorhome: Clear out unnecessary items. Keep only the essentials, such as kitchen equipment.

6. Add additional services: Use the additional services function in the listing setup. Charge extra for cleaning, bedding, camping furniture, bikes, awnings, pickup or delivery of the motorhome, and toilet cleaning.

7. Allocate enough time: Allow plenty of time for handover. Thoroughly go through the motorhome's features to avoid unnecessary inquiries from the tenant. This is where you will use the digital checkin and checkout process within the app

8. Insurance: Notify your insurance company that you are renting out the motorhome. You can read more about our insurance here.

9. Don't delete the listing off-season: Many people plan their summer holidays in the winter. Therefore, it's smart to keep the motorhome on the platform all year. Remember, you control the availability in the calendar.



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