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  • Kåre Johan Røinås

Haven't you started renting out yet?

Here are 7 tips to get more out of your ad!

A good first image is what gets those who are going to rent a motorhome at Campr interested.
Good photos are important for successful rental

#1. Pictures are most important! Make sure you have a good first picture. It is best to use square images, and make sure that all

the pictures are the right way! Remove personal items and include a couple of nice photos inside.

#2. Write a clear and good description

Write a few words about why exactly your motorhome or caravan is so good. Be clear about what is included and not included in the ad. Decide how many km are included and what kind of equipment is included. If you have to pay extra for equipment, this can be resolved via VIPPS in advance or upon delivery (after the next update you can also charge for extra services in the platform).

#3. Be sure to ask for positive reviews

One of the most important things for a good rating is response time. When you receive inquiries in the mailbox, someone is waiting for your reply. Make sure you respond within 24 hours, so you don't lose potential rental income and you get satisfied customers and a good rating for the purchase. #4. Make sure to link to the Campr ad

If you advertise on or other rental platforms in addition, make sure to enter the campr url (web address) so that they can book from the Campr platform. #5. Share your motorhome or trailer on social media

Use Facebook and Instagram actively to promote the motorhome or trailer. Then the chances of being rented out increase. #6. Tell friends and acquaintances that you have listed your motorhome or caravan on Campr. Sometimes profitable rentals can start already with your best friends. #7. Tag your social posts on Facebook and Instagram If you tag your motorhome or trailer on Facebook with @Camprnorge or Instagram with @Camprnorge , we will "like" the post and help others see your ad on Campr again 👍😍

Feel free to use private photos like this when you sell your motorhome or caravan on Campr!
Personal photos catch on if you do it like this!



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