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  • Kåre Johan Røinås

Complete checklist before rental

Updated: Jun 18

It´s easy to forget all the little things that come with preparing the motorhome for rent, but it is the little things that will be greatly appreciated by the customers. Use our checklist before arrival to make sure you get everything before you meet the tenant. In addition, you should take pictures of the motorhome / caravan both before and after the tenant's journey, so that you can document any damage.

The complete checklist for renting out your motorhome or caravan


  • Exterior cleaning

  • Interior cleaning

  • Tire inspection

  • Routine maintenance

  • Liquid check (diesel, water, washer fluid, oil)

  • Check signals

  • Control of system and functions such as heating, gas, hot water and refrigerator

  • Driving test

  • Paperwork (The more you have done in advance, the better the takeover) rengjøring

When it comes to paperwork, be sure to fill out, sign and keep handover and return forms * - Skjema for tilbakelevering av bobil eller campingvogn

* In case of damage, you need this documentation if you want to submit a claim after the return.



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