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How to find a RV who fits the whole family

If your family is looking for a suitable motorhome, it can often be overwhelming when there are so many choices. Do not despair, we will help you find the motorhome you are looking for.

Slik finner du bobilen som passer familien med Campr
Children on camping with Campr. Photo: Dani Langedal

Many have childhood memories of unforgettable motorhome trips both at home and abroad. When you are a child, there is hardly anything more exciting than vacationing in a home on wheels. The great thing about motorhomes is you can travel where you want and change your plans along the way. With a motorhome, the whole family gets the opportunity to enjoy summer delight, active autumn holidays or fresh spring days, without exceed the holiday budget for accommodation and restaurant visits.

This you should think about before you rent a motorhome

If you are one of the many who this year are considering renting a motorhome, you should start thinking about what type of vehicle you want. The choice is not always easy, because there are a number of motorhome brands to choose from. You need to think about what the motorhome will be used for:

  • What types of vacations and trips you usually go on

  • What kind of roads and areas do you want to use?

  • How many are going on a trip?

  • How much equipment do you want to bring?

  • How much do you want to spend on your holiday?

  • Do you need to extend your driver's license?

If you have a regular driving license class B, you can only drive a motorhome with a total weight of a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. However, there are many possibilities with licence class B. If you have a desire for better space and luxury? Then you will need the driver's license to class C1.

We in Campr wish you a great trip! Check out vehicles here



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