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  • Kåre Johan Røinås

Introducing Checkin-Delivery: Campr’s New Rental Process

Updated: Jun 18

Welcome, fellow adventurers and campervan enthusiasts! We at Campr are thrilled to announce a game-changing new feature that's set to make your motorhome renting experience smoother, more transparent, and completely hassle-free. Introducing the Checkin - Delivery Process. Whether you're a host looking to rent out your motorhome or a tenant aiming to enjoy a dream road trip, this feature is tailor-made for you.

What is the Checkin - Delivery Process?

It's a seamless mechanism that ensures the most fair and straightforward exchange of the motorhome between the host and the tenant. Here's how it works:

Checkin Process:

Host Initiates Checkin: Once the tenant arrives to pick up the vehicle, the host initiates the checkin process. [Image: Screenshot of host initiating the checkin process]

Tenant Confirms State: The tenant then receives a notification to begin the checkin process. The tenant fills out a form, confirming the condition of the vehicle.

Delivery Process:

  1. Tenant Initiates Delivery: After the journey ends, the tenant initiates the delivery process to return the vehicle.

  2. Host Completes Delivery: The host receives a notification and fills out the same form that the tenant filled, confirming the return state of the vehicle. [Image: Screenshot of host confirming vehicle condition]

  3. Smart Extra Costs Calculation: Our system then automatically suggests any extra costs, like cleaning fees, using intelligent algorithms. The host can edit or choose the amount to charge.

  4. Additional Points & Notification: Add any additional costs not listed, and notify the tenant to review the extra charges.

  5. Dispute Resolution: If there's any disagreement, a dispute is created. A group chat between the tenant, host, and support team helps in manually resolving the process via chat.


  1. Transparency: With clear documentation of vehicle condition at both check-in and delivery, both hosts and tenants can have peace of mind.

  2. Efficiency: Automated extra costs suggestions make the process faster and fairer.

  3. Ease of Dispute Resolution: A streamlined chat feature ensures quick and friendly resolution of any disagreements.

In Conclusion:

The Checkin - Delivery Process is all about making your motorhome experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It's a step towards strengthening the trust between our community of hosts and tenants, ensuring everyone can focus on what really matters – the joy of the open road.

Ready to get started? Update your Campr app now and take advantage of this fantastic new feature. Happy travels! 🚐💨



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